Workshop Sanford Meisner-Technique in September 2017
University of Music, Drama and Media Hannover (HMTMH) opens a course on Meisner-Technique for E:UTSA acting students. The workshop is a regular part of the 3rd year practical acting programm.


September 11th to 15th (plus travel days), 6 to 7 hrs/day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.


2 students, up from 2nd year level of education


CONTENT: During the course we focus on the main tools of the Sanford Meisner Approach, such as Repetition, Independent Activity and Knock on the Door. In a second step we combine these elements with text, which for we use short scenes from theatre or film. The lessons will be held in English and German.


Christian Ebert (scenic work and basics of dramatic art)


Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (HMTMH) – University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover
Studiengang Schauspiel (Acting Department)
Expo-Plaza 12
30539 Hannover, Germany


Please write a short note, that you are interested to come. Add your name, grade, address, phone & mail contact as well as the sentence “travel costs will be covered by (name of your university or acting school)”. Date it, sign it and also have it signed and stamped by a responsible of your institution. Scan it and send it to Prof. Regina Guhl (see below). Deadline for application: August 25th 2017


Couchsurfing in a fellow students house
Our homepage: is still only in German, so don´t hesitate to contact one of us for any question:
• Lukas Winterberger (student´s representative)
• Prof. Regina Guhl (responsible for the university in E:UTSA – matters)


Hannover, June 12th,
Prof. Regina Guhl