Turbo workshop


Each year, the usual weekly courses of the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts of Paris are interrupted during one week to give place to workshops created in collaboration with 3 other national art schools.


In 2017, the Conservatoire decided to create an international workshop opened to E:UTSA students during that same week named “Turbo” and to carry on each year.

In 2018 this week runs from 19th to 24th of March 2018.
Acting, directing and dramaturgy students from EUTSA schools are invited to participate in the European “Turbo” workshop.
The directing and dramaturgy students should agree to also perform during the workshop, if the project needs more performers.
It´s a student led workshop opened to 12 students of the schools of E:UTSA and two students of the French Conservatory. Together, they will create ashort performance of 20 minutes that will be presented on March 24 at the end of the “Turbo” week.
Students will be in contact before the workshop begins and a topic will be chosen.
Each EUTSA school should send the names of a maximum of two students. Please send the names latest until March 1 to Grégory Gabriel, Head of Studies at the Conservatoire: gregory.gabriel@cnsad.fr.
If more than 10 students wish to register, participants will be chosen randomly.
Each school will be responsible for the travel expenses of its students, who will be hosted by French students (coach surfing).