We want to quickly let you know that we are carefully observing the current situation of the world concerning the spread of COVID-19.
Theater is about both structure and improvisation.. and that is also how we are trying to manage the situation.
We still haven’t postponed the 2020 edition of the festival in hope that we will all soon get over the pandemia. However, we will be flexible about the situation and let you know immediately if we take a conclusive decision about the dates of our event (which were planned between 9-15 October 2020). Which also means that the application process will be open for now without a deadline.

Therefore, the deadline for the selection process will also be extended.

Please, stay safe, stay at home as much as you can, be positive, wash your hands, have a sip of good wine, read a good book and BE HEALTHY!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help you:  festival@istfestbg.com

The Danail Chirpansky International Student Festival Team


The 3rd edition of the “Danail Chirpansky” International Student Theater Festival in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria,

will be held in OCTOBER 2020 and that we are now announcing the open call for submissions.


We invite you to take part in it!

“Danail Chirpansky” International Student Theater Festival is a five-day event during which students from theatre academies across Europe and the world will showcase their graduate projects and participate in thematic workshops and discussions with experts in the broad field of Performing Arts. Exhibitions and concerts are also included in the festival program.

Details and information about the nature of the festival and its history.

We now inform you of the details of application process and some deadlines for proceeding with the documents attached.

If you would like to participate in the selection process, please fill out the required documents carefully and send them back to us!

The deadline for the Application stage is March 2020.


Necessary documents for applying:

Please, read carefully and fill in the form correctly. This would be of great importance for the

flawless realization of the performance during the festival.

  • Application Form
  • Technical plan of the stage where the performance is being enacted originally

/The technical plan must include set parameters (sizes and dimensions of the elements), sound and lighting/

  • Video of the performance

It must be an informative video without editing, if possible full-length or long enough (no less than 20 min) to present authentically and  thoroughly the style, the character and the needs of the performance/the process of development of the performance. Please use a cloud-based file transfer service (such as WeTransfer or other) or  share it in the e-mail as a link to a video platform or cloud storage (such as YouTube, Vimeo, GoogleDrive, etc)

  • Photos of the performance

Minimum three photos of the performance /or photoshoot or posters/, (300dpi), which could be used for advertising purposes, if chosen.

The candidates would not be considered if any of the components stated above are missing.

Please send the application form and others document of the performance to borsedistudio@accademiasilviodamico.it until the 15th March, 2020


The second edition’s atmosphere here .

Here  you can see the atmosphere from the first edition.

You may also visit the Official site of the Festival  here .