Hello everybody!
Hello student-representatives!

At the 01.02 we will start with our new event, the Instagram Take-Over. Every school that participates will take over the eutsa.students Instagram-Account for one week. The stud-rep or other fellow students can share and post as many as they would like, but at least one picture per week.

It is an initiative to

  • entertain
  • create an international connection, as we are all in this together and maybe share similar problems and thinkings
  • strongen the community
  • make E:UTSA public to us students and maybe to others.

Time and time again I got surprised to hear how little many students know about E:UTSA, about what an opportunity and how important it can be. But it only is of importance, if people value and take part.

For this reason it is important to share and invite your fellow students to follow our Instagram-Account: eutsa.students

The agenda (for now):

  1. – 07.02 ADK Ludwigsburg
  2. – 14.02 Accademia Theatro Dimitri Verscio
  3. – 21.02 RGISI St. Peterburg
  4. – 28.02 Accademia Silvio d’Amico Rome
  5. – 07.03 JAMU Brno
  6. – 14.03 Mozarteum Salzburg
  7. – 21.03 August Everding Munich
  8. – 28.03
  9. – 04.04 Hmtm Hanover

If there are any problems, maybe your school is on holiday this time, please just get in touch with me.

If you and your school is not yet on the list and you would like to participate, please contact me!

I will send an extra email to all the participants with some more detailed informations and the login data.

I hope this will work and everybody can enjoy our community.

Best wishes from Hanover,