this is the Open Call for the international student festival FURORE in Ludwigsburg.


The deadline for applications is March 5, 2018.

Welcome to FURORE!
This summer, the Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg (ADK) holds its second international theatre festival, Furore. For three long summer days and nights, Ludwigsburg will be the pulsing heart of tomorrow´s theatre world.
2018 marks both the 300th anniversary of the town of Ludwigsburg, and the 10th anniversary of the Academy of Performing Arts. On the occasion of this double celebration, we invite young artists and collectives from Baden-Württemberg, Europe and further afield to Ludwigsburg. Between 19 – 22 July, Furore will bring together local and international emerging artists, and offer insight into new work and thinking around performing arts.
For Furore, performing arts may include spoken and music theatre, dance and performance art, but also projects that stretch out to film, animation and fine arts. The Academy´s close ties to the Film Academy Ludwigsburg and the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart enables a wide range of interdisciplinary projects. To complement the main programme of performances, Furore will also include a range of lectures, talks, parties and concerts.
In an increasingly unstable world, where new borders are drawn, defined and defended everywhere we look, Furore is looking instead for the vague, the elusive, the fluid. Searching for something to hold onto, performing arts can at present only be complex and controversial. We do not believe in straight answers. We do not want to resolve contradictions. We cannot pretend to not be liminal. We will colour in the gaps between us with felt-tips. We will encounter anOther, eachOther. We will throw a party for all the differences. Long live disagreement! Long live polyphony! We are no we. We don´t belong to this. That is why we´re exactly right here.


Apply now!
Do you make challenging, unusual work that you want to present it to a curious, international audience? Are you interested in meeting other emerging artists to discuss and party with? Apply now to join us at Furore 2018!


Furore Festival 2018 Call for applications 1 / 3
Apply for FURORE 2018
Any project that defines itself as performing arts (spoken and music theatre, puppetry, dance, etc), fine arts or film, and projects that evade or do not fit into any genre can apply.
To apply, we need three things from you:
1) General information on your project and all participants (Attachment 1)
2) Technical requirements of your project (Attachment 2)
3) A full recording of a staging or rehearsals, and supplementary photos
Please send your application, including all attachments, any relevant links or supporting material (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) and contact details (email and phone number for any questions about your application) to:
Closing date for entries is 5 March 2018.
The festival programme will be devised by students of the Academy of Performing Arts, and takes place across a range of locations (including theatres, exhibition spaces, cinemas, etc). Depending on the format and scope of your project, this means it can be shown once or several times over the course of the festival, and possibly in a variety of venues. Please indicate in your application should you have specific restrictions or ambitions pertaining to this.
Selected projects will be announced in the beginning of April.


Furore Festival 2018 Call for applications 2 / 3
The project can be performed in its original language. If subtitles are not available, we kindly ask you to provide a short summary. We are also up for experimenting with alternative means, so do detail how you might otherwise approach language barriers creatively. Unfortunately, however, we are unable to cover incidental costs related to these.
travel (arrival and departure)
If required, we can provide an allowance for travel costs. All participants are responsible for their own travel preparations (visa, bookings, etc).
transport of equipment
Transport of equipment, props and related expenses will not be covered by the festival, but please get in touch for technical support and possible help from the festival team.
We´d like all artists and project teams to stay for the whole festival. As such, Furore will provide you with accommodation.
food / fees
We can cover the costs for accomodation and food for up to ten participants per project (including technicians, production management etc.). We cannot pay any fees.
performing rights and copyright
Each production is responsible for obtaining all necessary performing rights and copyrights.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at


You can also see more about this and last year´s festival here:
we will be happy to meet you!
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