The Academy, partner of many Erasmus mobility exchanges, supports and promotes mobility projects and internships with other European institutions with an Erasmus office dedicated to it and the use of national funding (Erasmus National Agency) to further support for student mobility. This mobility is achieved thanks to memorandums of understanding between the Academy and the major European schools in the field of theatre and drama.
Bilateral “Protocols of Understanding” are underway between the Academies of the main EU countries (France, Germany, Czech Republic etc.) and with other non-EU countries, like Russia, Turkey, South Korea.
The Academy is also one of the founders of the E:UTSA (European: Union of Theatre Schools and Academies), that is an Association of Drama Schools in Paris, Strasbourg, Krakow, Malmo, Vilnius, Glasgow, Monaco, St Petersburg, Warsaw, Budapest. The main activities are exchange of students, joint staging projects among students of different nationalities, participation in international festivals and meetings. A particularly significant example of these good practices is the “EUROPEAN YOUNG THEATRE” project, held annually in Spoleto at the Festival of Two Worlds. In 2019 the competition reached its 7th edition with the participation of schools coming from Cordoba, Strasbourg, Krakow, Malmo, Glasgow, Warsaw, Paris, Vilnius, Seoul, Brno, South Carolina.
The main objective of these projects is the integration and sharing of educational processes, the promotion of the free creativity of young actors, directors and playwrights and support in overcoming the gap between the training phase and professional activities.
Hence, we expect that our continued participation in Erasmus will contribute to the ability of our students to exchange perspectives, learning and work practices with peers from other European countries. This cross-fertilisation of ideas is what will build the future of our institutions: as we respond to our students’ needs to best prepare them for their professional development, the insight obtained by confronting our practices with those of other European institutions, will make us most aware of the nature of job markets at the European level, giving us the ability to modernise and shape our educational programs to best prepare our students for those wider, supranational markets.

The Academy intends to engage in the exchange of teachers and trainers with the main European and non-European schools, with the aim of enriching its educational offerings and sustaining and updating its research. We aim to implement these Erasmus actions building on what we have done in the past. For instance, we hope to provide for joint projects in which teachers and students, coming from many different countries, work together. These workshops, classes and occasions for personal engagement are meant to incentivise youth creativity and to support our students’ entry into the national and international professional worlds through the forging of new connections, the development of shared experiences and the opportunity to come to truly learn of the teaching and professional work practices in the field of theatre and cinema in other European countries.
The Academy aims through international exchanges to increase the level of qualification of its graduates and teachers, to enlarge and update its teaching methods and to make learning more flexible and innovative, to encourage the continuing training of students, alumni and teaching staff, to make more and more effective and close the connections between the institution, research and production companies, including at the international level, and to make the Academy, as well as a national center of excellence, a center of international excellence for the art of theater and cinema.