EUROPEAN YOUNG THEATRE 2018 sixth edition
Spoleto from June 29 to July 3 – 2018


To be filled in and signed by a qualified representative of the School and returned to:
Accademia Nazionale d´Arte Drammatica ‘Silvio d´Amico´
Via Vincenzo Bellini , 16 00198 Roma.

Dead line 28 02- 2018

WHERE Spoleto ‘Teatrino delle 6/ Luca Ronconi´

WHEN from June 29 to July 3 2018 (in June 28; out July 4) THE PLANNED DATES MAY CHANGE SLIGTLY

The theme is, ten years after his death, to celebrate Pinter “Ten Pinter”. Groups are to present shows created and realized in a totally independent way by current students of the school (actors and directors having Pinter´s works as theme). Exceptionally also project created by young professionals graduated in the last three Academic years can be accepted in the competition;

the presence for the whole period is mandatory as the young theatre festival aims at the creation of an international campus where young artists share and confront their skills;

each drama school can propose one project only;

each group must not exceed 5 participants in Spoleto;

the project must be realized according to the fixed and unchangeable lighting system and to the technical plan of the performing space (plans here attached);

the performance must last no longer than 40 minutes;

setting and rehearsing: three hours for each group at “Teatrino delle 6”;
synopses of the performance are to be detailed in the description of the show;

subtitles or captions in English and/ or in Italian are recommended and should be sent to the Accademia by May 15th for the necessary agreements on technical needs;

after the performance each group is invited to hold a short meeting on the show;

projects will be selected by a committee including representatives of the Accademia and the Festival di Spoleto by March 16th 2017.

A jury composed of the director of the Accademia “Silvio d´Amico” ,or a delegate (one vote), the director of the Spoleto Festival , or a delegate (one vote ) and the audience (one vote) will award the winner group with a money prize.

First prize:1.200 euro (the first prize can be awarded ex aequo)
Second prize is euro 500.

The Accademia “Silvio d´Amico” will provide for:
accomodation for the performing groups, from June 28th (check in) to July 3rd (check out) – THE PLANNED DATES MAY CHANGE SLIGTLY –

The participant institution will cover the expenses for:
travels to and from Spoleto
local transport

expenses for props and all that is not included in the technical plans of Teatrino delle 6 (attached).