It’s that time of the year again!
Applications for the 16th FIST Festival are open!  


It is our great pleasure that we inform you that we have now opened applications for this year’s 16th edition of

FIST Festival

The Festival will take place from May 21st until May 25th 2021; only this year it is arriving in a changed, new, hybrid form.


Due to COVID–19, we have decided the 2021 edition of the Festival will take place in a hybrid form, therefore applicants should be prepared to participate remotely.

The main Festival event will be the place where international guest plays will be presented within FIST’s online platform as part of the competition program. FDA productions along with all other side programs will be held in physical environment but also showcased on the same platform and accessible to international audience.

The FIST festival is a platform that brings together students of performing arts, giving them the opportunity to exchange knowledge, skills, and experiences. This interaction encourages innovation and daring to experiment, introducing new ideas to stage performance.

Festival of International Student Theatre – FIST was created in 2005, at the initiative of the students of Management and Production of Theatre, Radio, and Culture at the
Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. 

The Festival’s vision is to encourage young theatre professionals to initiate and create innovative programs via networking and intercultural cooperation, contrasting dominant theatrical models, with the objective of contributing to their further development. 



We live in uncertain times. We are all facing global challenges together. The pandemic is a challenge that has taken center stage and is part of our everyday lives. It has changed our lives. That is something we can see and are aware of. However, is that the only problem humanity faces? Let’s dig deeper. We seem to have suppressed problems that have been changing our planet for a long time. More dangerous and invisible. Climate change and global warming which we ourselves have caused. We as individuals, communities, society, countries, the planet.

Can you remember the last time you fought for something? Or are we, as a society, fighting to reclaim our will to fight?

Fighting is an integral part of our lives, whether it is a fight we wage on a personal level or one we wage as a society. We face it each and every day.

That is the incentive that guides us to move forward, a human’s innate reaction to various occurrences. The drive and the energy that emerge are strong enough to initiate even the greatest of changes. We fight for what we desire, our dreams, happiness, values, and freedom. We fight for our voice to be heard. For the air we breathe. To correct injustice. For our home – our planet. For the future. For us.

The fight is the most important value we should be fighting for. If you were considering giving up, we won’t allow you to.

FIST 16 understands the significance of a fight and strives to remind both you and us of its value, as well as to ignite the will to fight.

We are the key to any change. Let’s state loudly and clearly what we wish to change. Let’s fight.

Because life doesn’t exist without a fight. Life is a constant battle.

Are you ready? Ready, set, FIGHT!


We invite you to apply and join us in making the 16th FIST Festival an unforgettable experience.


In order to apply carefully read the Call for application document in the attachment to this e-mail and fill out the Application form:



 March 1st, 2021